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Elevate spelling proficiency with our specialised online spelling program for older children, teenagers and adults. Designed to address spelling challenges, our program offers practical strategies and a user-friendly interface tailored to enhance the language skills of people who have reading and spelling difficulties.

Struggling With Spelling? We’ve Got You Covered

If you, your child or the students you teach are struggling with poor spelling, a comprehensive spelling program tailored for older learners may be the answer. That’s where The Spelling Strategies Program comes in! The progam is suitable for a wide variety of ages because the focus is on using effective spelling strategies and understanding why words are spelled the way they are.

Did you know that the Australian Curriculum for teaching and learning in schools outlines that English spelling strategies should be strategically taught to children until around Grade Five of schooling? Unfortunately, many children haven't mastered spelling skills by this time and, because it isn't a focus for the remainder of school, may never be given the opportunity to learn how to spell confidently. The Spelling Strategies Program caters for this common learning need because learners will receive spelling training that ensures these essential spelling skills are mastered. We believe that no child should leave school with poor spelling skills, and more importantly, everyone, not matter how old they are, should have the opportunity to learn these essential spelling skills!

All-in-One Australian Spelling Program

The Spelling Strategies Program is a user-friendly and expertly crafted educational tool designed to simplify the process of teaching and learning spelling. We've taken the guesswork out of spelling education by providing you with our extensive knowledge in the field. The program offers easy-to-follow video lessons that guide users through essential spelling strategies, complemented by a range of supporting resources. These resources, including workbooklets, quizzes, self-assessment tasks, dictation sentences, and high-frequency words, ensure a comprehensive learning experience. The program is versatile, making it suitable for parents assisting their children at home or for educators in schools addressing literacy intervention for students in upper-primary and high school. With our program, teaching and mastering spelling has never been more accessible and effective.

It’s Easy To Teach, Easy To Learn!

Comprising a total of 15 units, each segment within our program adheres to a consistent six-step structure, ensuring a seamless teaching and learning experience. This means that the focus is on learning rather than how to follow the program. The sequential steps are detailed below:

1. Online Video Lesson

Start each unit with an engaging pre-recorded video lesson where the focus spelling strategies for that unit are taught. Learners use a whiteboard and marker to participate in the video lesson. The person facilitating the program (maybe a parent or a teacher) simply presses pause when prompted in the lesson, and offers support when the learner needs it. If you don't feel confident with spelling yourself, these lessons are an invaluable opportuity to learn how to spell together!

receive spelling

2. Work Booklet

Each video lesson in the program is supported and strengthened with a printable work booklet for learners to complete. These thoughtfully designed worksheets are not only a great way to reinforce learning, but can also be used to monitor the learner's understanding of the concepts being taught. The facilitator simply overseas the completion of the workbooklet and uses any errors made by the learner as a teaching opportunity. 

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3. High-Frequency Words

Children who are poor spellers must learn how to spell the most commonly used words in our English language so that they can confidently complete daily writing tasks. This is why each unit has a small list of 10 high-frequency words that learners are tested on and then provided with a research-based process to learn any words they are unable to spell. All ten high-frequency words are included in the dictation sentences (step 6) to make sure learning is retained. 

spelling words spelling

4. "Bump it up" Assessment & Word Discussion

Research tells us that discussion about the process of spelling words helps us learn how to spell better. Also, people learn best when they understand what they are learning and how it will improve their spelling. This is why learners move themselves along a "bump it up" assessment chart when they believe they have mastered a new spelling strategy. This invovles the learner first reading the focus spelling strategy, and then the facilitator using the provided word list to dictate words for the learner to write onto their whiteboard and then explain why each word is spelled the way it is. Detailed instructions and word lists are provided with each unit of the program, making this process straight-foward and effective to use. 

5. Fun Online Quiz

The online quizzes are a fun and effective way to finish each unit and a great way to monitor progress. The online quiz can be completed as a whole group to facilitate discussion about words, or learners can complete the quizzes independently if you are working with just one child.

Spelling words spelling

6. Dictation and Writing Fluency

Each unit concludes with a dictation activity where students apply all of the spelling strategies and high-frequency words they have learnt to write short sentences. This reinforces the systematic structure of the program, where spelling skills are taught and reinforced in a strategic approach. It is common for children who have spelling difficulties to also have writing difficulties. Dictation is a proven way to improve writing skills. It involves the facilitator reading out a sentence for the learner to orally repeat until they have memorised the whole sentence. The learner then has to write the sentence applying essential writing skills, like handwriting, spelling, fluency and editing.  

  • Benefits of The Complete Spelling Rules Intervention Program

    Developed by an experienced teacher with a passion for helping others, The Complete Spelling Rules Program is a platform that aligns with the educational needs of a range of ages.


    Explore below the benefits of our online spelling program for high school students:

    Easy to use

    We've simplified it all for your convenience. All you have to do is press play on the video lesson, and your students will be smoothly guided through the learning process. It's like there's an extra teacher in the classroom! Once the video lesson concludes, online quizzes and workbooks offer an added layer of reinforcement for your student's learning journey.

    Quality Program

    The Spelling Rules Program is sold at SPELD SA (Australia's leading authority on educating children with learning difficulties), plus it is designed and delivered by a teacher with over 20 years of experience. The program uses research-based techniques to cater to children who have spelling difficulties. It begins by helping children to understand and use essential spelling strategies and gives logic and meaning to our sometimes frustrating English Spelling System.

    Works With Timetabling

    We understand that high schools typically schedule one semester at a time and often allocate lessons for students requiring additional literacy support. This underscores the importance of offering a program that aligns with these schedules. While the program can be concluded within a single semester, a year-long subscription ensures extended access if required beyond that timeframe.

    Caters For a Range of Learners

    The Complete Spelling Rules Online Program is suitable for a wide variety of ages and abilities because the focus is on using effective spelling strategies and rules so that children understand how and why words are spelt the way they are. Unlike spelling programs often used in primary school classrooms, children don't receive a weekly spelling list but rather participate in activities that promote an understanding, and even love, of spelling.


    Schools can take advantage of the discounted price of just $395 for a full-year subscription. This grants access to an array of resources, including video lessons, downloadable workbooks, wordlists, dictation sentences and quizzes. Many educators who've implemented The Spelling Rules Program are pleasantly surprised by how much it enhances their spelling skills, thereby serving as a learning tool and a professional development asset.

    Start Immediately

    Gain instant access to the program so that you can immediately start using it with students. All that's required is a screen for clear video lesson viewing, along with a whiteboard and marker for each participating student. The best part is that the program begins with a super short tutorial so that you will be an expert in how to use the program in no time.

    Free Training!

    Watch our free Webinar, which explains the latest research in spelling instruction for older children, plus exactly how to implement The Complete Spelling Rules Intervention Program with a child or group of students.

    Package Inclusions

    Purchase your own package today and get immediate access to a range of educational resources. Our limited-time offer includes:

    Here's Everything That You Get

    (Get instant access)

    This Is A Limited Time Offer

    spelling words spelling
    • 15 online video lessons.

    • Downloadable work booklets that support each video lesson.

    • Downloadable coloured posters that support each video lesson.  

    • Word lists that support each video lesson. 

    • Online quizzes that support each video lesson. 

    • 150 high frequency words with researched based learning activities.

    • Dictation sentences that support systematic learning. 

    • Fully supported learning with direct access to the creator.

    • Quick and easy tutorials for the parent or teacher at the start of each unit.


    • Immediate access to the entire Complete Spelling Rules Online Program for a full year.

    Full Price: $695

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    Learn the five key components that will improve someone's spelling. 

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    Hear what other people have to say.

    I hated writing because spelling just didn't make sense to me. Now I feel so much more confident with writing because I now use strategies and rules to help me.

    Piper - 11 year-old child

     I did a spelling test at the start of term and got 41%. I completed The Complete Spelling Rules Program in one term and I've just done the same test again (at the end of the term) and got 71%'

    Theo - 10 year-old child

    I'm going through the Spelling Rules Program with my boy and it's fantastic. I write for a living and I've even learnt a few things. I guess I've always known the how (to spell words) but now I know the why (words are spelled that way). It's been enlightening!

    Collete - parent of 10 year-old boy

    Words never made sense to me because they aren't always spelt the way they sound. Now that I understand rules and how to see meaningful parts of words, spelling makes sense to me. 

    Axel - 13 year-old child

    Meet Your Instructor

    Sharona Edwards

  • I have been a teacher for over 20 years, plus I run workshops at SPELD SA in Adelaide where I train teachers, parents, tutors, and speech pathologists on how to use The Spelling Rules Program.

  • Over the past 10 years, I’ve created several products and programs, which are purchased and used by people all around Australia: The School Start Program, The Complete Spelling Rules Online Program, The Spelling Case and The Capital Letter Case.

  •  I created The Complete Spelling Rules Online Program and The School Start Program because I feel passionate about empowering parents to teach their own children essential literacy skills. This is because we can’t always rely on the schooling system to provide the support all children need. Being a parent of four children myself, I understand that my products and programs MUST be easy to use, plus fit into busy family schedules.

  • Spelling was an area that I had to work hard at during my childhood. Due to my determination to improve, I studied the English Spelling System over many years, which quickly lead to my love of words and confidence with spelling. These two factors are what makes me so good at teaching others to spell.

  • I’m a mother of four children and have been happily married for fifteen years. I grew up on a farm and now live in the Riverland, South Australia. Being part of a small community is something I enjoy and value immensely.