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Helping people to

understand and feel

confident with spelling words.

Find Spelling Success with our Australian Spelling Programs

The core of our mission here at Spelling Academy is to help boost individuals' understanding and confidence in their spelling. With our research-based spelling programs, The Spelling Strategies Program (for older children, teenagers and adults) and The School Start Program (for, people of all ages are brought on a learning journey designed to empower and equip them with essential spelling, reading, and language skills. 

The Spelling Strategies Program

One of the only specialised spelling mastery programs in Australia for older children, The Spelling Strategies Program provides comprehensive support for older children, teenagers, and adults who are eager to swiftly enhance their spelling skills. With the aim of giving order and logic to the English spelling system, The Spelling Strategies Program offers a structured approach to demystify the complexities of the English language. This new and exciting course is the 'missing piece' for many people who struggle with spelling. 

Spelling mastery for a wide variety of ages

This online spelling program is suitable for a wide variety of ages because the focus is on using effective spelling strategies and understanding why words are spelled the way they are. Sign up today and receive immediate access to this 15-unit course, and start spelling with understanding and confidence! 

spelling spelling words

Does your school need a spelling intervention program for older children?

If your school has students in Grade Five or above struggling with spelling, addressing this crucial need requires effective literacy intervention. The Spelling Strategies Program can provide Tier 2 and Tier 3 spelling intervention for older children facing challenges in spelling proficiency. Learn how the program is uniquely tailored to offer targeted Tier 2 intervention to a group of students with spelling difficulties, while simultaneously providing additional support for those requiring more personalised Tier 3 intervention. 

The School Start Program: for children aged 5 and above

This early-learning reading and spelling program helps parents teach their children to blend and segment sounds, enhancing their ability to read and write words. The associated online course provides teaching materials and guides for parents in their child’s foundational literacy education.

School Start Program

The School Start Program is a kit designed for an adult to use with a child who is in their first year of school or with a child who needs extra support to achieve foundation reading and writing skills. Created by an experienced teacher, this short online reading and spelling program is intended to help adults facilitate effective and engaging learning experiences for young children who are learning to read and write.

With the aim to boost the competence and confidence of children, the School Start Program ensures that children develop fundamental literacy skills in an engaging and structured manner. Everyone who purchases the School Start Program will receive a short online course explaining exactly how to use it with their child. You will be amazed at how easy to use and effective it is!

School Start Program Online Course

This short course explains exactly how to use the School Start Program to teach a child how to read and write. It is perfect for a parent with a child starting school or who needs extra support to learn foundational reading and writing skills. The course is easy to watch and divided into three sections.

The first section shows you how to use magnetic letters to teach a child how to read and write words. The second shows how to use the magnetic sentence blocks to teach your child how to read and write sentences. The last explains how to use the blank word cards to increase the number of words your child can fluently read. Everyone who purchases a School Start Program gains instant access to this course!


Located in South Australia, Spelling Academy delivers high quality educational products, and teacher-delivered online courses. 

The Spelling Academy is owned & founded by expert Teacher and Educator Sharona Edwards. 

Passionate about giving everyone the opportunity to be good at spelling, Sharona understands what it feels like to lack confidence in spelling and how it can impact your education and self-esteem. 

"I don’t want anyone to struggle with spelling. Once you know essential rules and strategies, spelling is much easier, and you can write with confidence and certainty. I’ve set up the Spelling Academy to share my breakthrough Spelling Rules Program to take the stress out of spelling and help children and adults gain confidence."

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