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The Complete Spelling Rules Online Program

For Adults

The Complete Spelling Rules Online Program for Adults means that you can learn spelling strategies and rules in the comfort of your own home. Receive instant access to the program for a full year, so you can get started immediately and then work through the program at your own pace. 

BUY NOW $395

High School Spelling Intervention 

The Complete Spelling Rules Online Program can be implemented by a teacher or support staff as spelling intervention both in High Schools and Upper Primary. The Program can be completed in just one semester of schooling. You can start immediately because the program begins with a quick tutorial, plus each video lesson has a brief explanation of how you can support the students learning.

BUY NOW $395.00 AUD

For Parents & Tutors to use with Children

The Complete Spelling Rules Online Program is perfect for parents who feel worried about their child's spelling ability, or for a tutor who wants an effective and easy-to-use program with limited planning and preparation. The program can be used as a spelling intervention program for older children (around ten years of age) and teenagers because the focus is on understanding why words are spelt the way they are.  

BUY NOW $395.00 AUD

Educational Products

Located in South Australia, the Spelling Academy delivers high quality educational products, and teacher-delivered workshops.

The Spelling Academy is owned & founded by expert Teacher and Educator Sharona Edwards. 

Passionate about giving every child the opportunity to be good at spelling, Sharona understands what it feels like to lack confidence in spelling and how it can impact your education and self-esteem. 

I don’t want anyone to struggle with spelling. Once you know explicit rules and strategies, spelling is much easier, and you can spell with confidence and certainty. I’ve set up the Spelling Academy to share my breakthrough Spelling Rules Program to take the stress out of spelling and help children gain confidence."

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  • 0402 619 249

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  • PO BOX 60


    South Australia


  • Sharona Edwards

    Owner | Founder | Teacher | Educator

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