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Developed by an experienced teacher with over 20 years in the field, the School Start Program is designed to provide spelling help for kids during their first few years of school.

Let Us Help You Help Your Child

With an initial course for the parent or guardian to assist them in teaching their child, the School Start Program is a comprehensive spelling course designed to provide holistic assistance to the adult and student. The School Start Program is ideal for when your child is in their early years of school and behind in their spelling and literacy skills. With our program, we’re able to help you ensure that your child won’t be left behind.

School Start Program

The School Start Program makes it easy for ANYONE to teach a child how to read and write! It has been thoughtfully created by an expert teacher who is passionate about ALL children achieving essential reading and writing skills during their first years of school.

The short course, which you will have immediate access to after purchasing the School Start Program, explains how children learn to read and write. It also provides you with the necessary assistance to support your child. You will be amazed at how easy it is to use!



Get your School Start Buddy, which is conveniently packed with everything needed to teach your child how to read and write words and sentences!

  • 1 School Start Buddy Case

  • 57 Magnetic letters

  • 24 blank magnetic whiteboard sentence blocks

  • Magnetic whiteboard eraser

  • Whiteboard marker

  • 100 blank sight word cards

  • Instant access to the short School Start Buddy Online Course


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    Benefits of The School Start Program

    Learning the foundations of literacy and spelling for kids is one of the most critical aspects of their early education that sets the stage for lifelong language proficiency. This is where the School Start Program Comes in.

    Give your child a head-start with their education!

    After purchasing, you gain immediate access to the whole School Start Program Course. In fact, the 10-minute routine not only imparts reading and writing skills but also employs techniques that enhance future spelling and reading proficiency.

    The magnetic sentence blocks included in your School Start Program seamlessly guide your child toward reading and writing complete sentences. Once these foundational literacy skills are mastered, your child's school is bound to feel more confident at school.

    Ensuring Your Child Isn’t Left Behind

    Due to various factors, many children struggle to grasp fundamental reading and writing abilities. Regrettably, if these skills aren't mastered early in their schooling, students can progressively lag behind. This gap arises because the foundational skills crucial for reading and writing success tend to receive less emphasis in higher grades.

    After purchasing a School Start Program, you immediately gain access to the online course, which explains precisely how to teach your child these foundational reading and writing skills so that they don’t miss out on this essential learning!

    Take Control of Your Child’s Education

    Many parents feel upset or concerned with what their child is learning at school because they feel that their child isn’t progressing as they hoped they would. The School Start Program gives you the skills and strategies that expert teachers use in the classroom to teach essential reading and writing skills. Designed to provide spelling help for kids struggling with their academic progress, the School Start Program equips parents with the tools to ensure their child's success.

    Easy to Use!

    The inside of the School Start Program case has two whiteboards – one for clearly displaying all the resources, and the other for working on. This layout helps children locate the letters they need and makes it easy to keep the case clean and organised. When you have finished using the case, simply close it like a briefcase and store it away.

    Fun and Engaging for Kids!

    Children in their first years of school have been found to write best on whiteboards. This is because mistakes can easily be erased, making them more likely to take risks with their learning. The School Start Program goes further by nurturing fine motor skills, with children using magnetic resources to construct words and sentences.

    The carefully considered combination of learning resources means that children are more likely to stay engaged and focused because the learning activities are short, achievable, and varied.

    Perfect for Parents Who Home-School Their Children.

    For adults who choose to homeschool, this spelling program is ideal. The School Start Program provides essential training and access to a comprehensive set of resources that empowers both students and educators to make the most of the shared learning experience.

    Perfect for Travelling Families.

    Having journeyed across Australia in a caravan with her four children, the founder and creator of the School Start Program understands the significance of ensuring learning sessions are short, stress-free, and effective. With the School Start Program, you can guide your child through reading and writing using just ten minutes out of each day. This all-inclusive kit is particularly invaluable when space is limited, encapsulating everything you need within a compact case.

    Zero Screen Time!

    Too much screen time is a serious issue for both parents and children, so the last thing children need is more time on technology. There is an endless supply of learning apps offered to parents, but they don’t offer explicit one-on-one teaching and learning and the fine motor development children get from the School Start Program.

    Through hands-on activities, the School Start Program not only fosters essential language skills but also nurtures fine motor skills that are often overlooked in purely digital learning environments. Thoughtfully created to provide spelling help for kids in their early school years, the School Start Program stands out by offering a tangible and interactive approach to learning.

    Have a look inside the School Start Buddy!

    The creator and founder of the School Start Program, Sharona Edwards, explains exactly what's inside the case. Please feel free to ask her any questions that you might have by emailing her directly using the link below.

    What Others Have to Say

    Don't take our word for it; here's what people who have used the School Start Program have to say.

    We give the School Start Buddy to our new students each year. They love it! The online course is excellent for educating parents on how they can support their children at home. 

    Karen Case

    R/1 Teacher

    It has made homework a fun activity that has engaged our school-aged daughter, and also her younger sister who has been practicing her “writing.” It neatly packs away after each use which I appreciate, and I know it is ready for immediate use again next time.

    Lynley Seaman

    Mother | Nutritionist

    I didn't really like reading because it was hard. Mum used the School Start Buddy with me and now I am very good at saying the sounds and reading the words. I love reading now!


    Child aged 6

    My child was very eager to start school before she turned five, so I started using the School Start Buddy with her because I felt that she was ready to learn to read and write. She loves school and is progressing at a rapid rate. I am very grateful to Sharona for creating such a fabulous resource!

    Liz Zubrinich

    Teacher | mother

    I loved the online tutorial . It didn't take long for me to learn how to use the School Start Buddy with my boys. I used it with all four of my boys in their first year of school and they have all benefited from it. 

    Katie Eatts

    Mother of four boys

    I attended a presentation that Sharona gave and was very impressed. We immediately purchased School Start Buddy cases for all our Reception students, and have continued giving our new students a School Start Buddy ever since. 

    James Quigley


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