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Helping Children overcome Spelling Difficulties.

Is your child unhappy or lacking in confidence at school because they struggle with spelling & grammar?

Are you frustrated that no matter what the school does nothing seems to be working?

Are you concerned that your child is not getting the extra help they need?

Are you worried about your child’s future as they just can’t seem to master the basics?

Do you wish you could help but just don’t know how?

Upgrade Today to the Complete Spelling Rules Online Course !

The Complete Spelling Rules Course is the 'missing piece' for many children (and teenagers) who struggle with spelling. It is a 15 unit course that you and your child can work through at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. The course is suitable for a wide variety of ages because the focus in on using effective spelling strategies and understanding why words are spelt the way they are. 

15 Online Video Lessons: 

Children work through 15 units that progressively build on their understand of spelling strategies and rules. Each unit begins by the child (or teenager) participating in a video lesson. 

Worksheets and Wordlists:

Each video lesson in the program is supported and strengthened with worksheets that children can complete independently, plus wordlists that help children apply the strategies and rules they have learnt.

Online Quizzes: 

The online quizzes are a fun way for children to finish each unit, and a great way to monitor their progress. 

Why you'll love this course!

  • Anyone can use it with a child - you don't even need to be good at spelling yourself.

  • Suitable for a wide variety of ages - children, teenagers and even adults. 

  • Very affordable - no paying thousands of dollars in tuition bills.

  • Get results quickly because you'll learn why words are spelt the way they are.

  • Full year subscription, so you can complete the course at your own pace, or even use it with multiple children.

  • Delivered by a teacher with over 20 years experience, who you'll have free access to throughout your subscription.

  • Caters for busy family life because you can learn in the comfort of your own home. 

The total value of the knowledge and education amounts to more than $1,997 in absolute value. You will shocked to find out how affordable the course is!




I hated writing because spelling just didn't make sense to me. Now I feel so much more confident with writing because I use all the strategies and rules I have learnt to spell. 

Piper - 11 year-old child

It has made homework a fun activity that has engaged our school-aged daughter, and also her younger sister who has been practicing her “writing.” It neatly packs away after each use which I appreciate, and I know it is ready for immediate use again next time. We have had fun creating new ways to learn words, sounds and sentences.

Lynley Seaman

I got lots of ideas on how to use the School Start Spelling Case to support Jolly Phonics and Jolly Grammar. In particular I like the language to use with children, for example ‘magical suffix’, ‘magic e’ etc. This program is a wonderful way of using hands on tasks to teach rules and language.

Workshop attendee

The information and training involved on the web is also great for parents that may be unsure of how to use the School Start Buddy effectively and provides explicit but simple instructions about how to support their child in this exploration. We will be back for more!

James Quigley - Primary School Principal

Helping children reach their full potential throughout school and beyond.

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