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Sharona Edwards

Teacher | Educator

Empowering parents to teach their children.

·      I’m a mother of four children and have been happily married for fifteen years. I grew up on a farm and now live in the Riverland, South Australia. Being part of a small community is something I enjoy and value immensely. 


·      I have been a teacher for over 20 years, plus I run workshops for other teachers, parents, tutors, and speech pathologists at SPELD SA in Adelaide around literacy education. These courses can now be accessed online.


·      I feel passionate about empowering parents to teach their own children essential literacy skills because, unfortunately, we can’t always rely on the schooling system. Being a parent of four children myself, I understand that my products and programs MUST be easy to use, plus fit into busy family schedules. 


·      Over the past 10 years, I’ve created several products and programs, which are purchased and used by people all around Australia: The School Start Buddy, The Spelling Rules Program, The Spelling Case and The Capital Letter Case. 


·      Spelling was an area that I had to work hard at during my childhood. Due to my determination to improve, I studied the English Spelling System over many years, which quickly lead to my love of words and confidence with spelling. These two factors are what makes me so good at teaching others to spell. 



Don't take my word for it, here's what other people have to say about my courses, education, and workshop experience.

I have used the Spelling Rules Program with huge success with many of my students and recommend it widely, to schools, parents and teachers. I cannot praise and recommend the Spelling Rules Program highly enough.

Jan Daly

Teacher | Learning matters

I'm going through the Spelling Rules Program with my boy and it's fantastic. I write for a living and I've even learnt a few things. I guess I've always known the how (to spell words) but now I know the why (words are spelled that way). It's been enlightening!


Copywriter |   Adalaide

This system of teaching spelling rules is visual, tactile, inspiring and effective!

It offers great strategies for learning spelling, and is excellent for children who don’t want to commit to writing.

Sandy Russo

SPELD SA Director

Very informative program from a great, enthusiastic presenter. I learnt a lot and feel very positive about using the program with the students I tutor. 

Jenny Freebairn


I hated writing because spelling just didn't make sense to me. Now I feel so much more confident with writing because I use all the strategies and rules I have learnt to spell. 


11 year old child 

The School Start Buddy has made homework a fun activity that has engaged our school-aged daughter, and also her younger sister who has been practicing her “writing.” It neatly packs away after each use which I appreciate, and I know it is ready for immediate use again next time. We have had fun creating new ways to learn words, sounds and sentences.

Lynley Seaman

Parent of 3 children aged: 7, 5, 3

Helping children reach their full potential throughout school and beyond.

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